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Covid-19 & Lambing

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

So no jump racing until 1st least we have a date to look forward to, hopefully they will organise more meetings throughout the reduced summer jumping season with more race options for the summer jumpers. Normally through the summer you end up with one race a month which is suitable for a certain horse and they come up against the same group of horses each time. 

We have four flat horses to keep us busy getting fit, hopefully the flat season will get going on May 1st so the Flat trainers can start running their horses. Georgina is Assistant Trainer to Eve Johnson Houghton and having geared up their horses to run, they have been forced to take a pull on their training regime, fingers crossed they will get the ball rolling in May!

April is always busy for us as we have 400 plus sheep to lamb! I am being as helpful as possible to Camilla, however a broken wrist does not end itself to pulling lambs off ewes! We sent our two three year olds off to Matt Griffiths and Fiona Rawle to be broken and Matt seems to be training one to the whistle!

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