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A Busy Weekend

As I write, we are just catching our breath after a busy weekend! We hosted an Open Afternoon as part of National Racehorse Week where we welcomed over 150 people into the yard on a beautiful sunny day.

We were fortunate to have Leah Cunliffe back to do an equine dental demonstration as well as Oliver Gilchrist to talk through the life of a farrier and shoeing horses and Piers Wilmott to do a Physio demonstration. We have had great feedback from all of these and there were huge crowds listening to their every word!

We opened up our Lorry and showed off all of our racing tack and gear which they take with the horses. We also had a vintage racing saddle, hat and some woolly jumper colours on display to compare with the modern equivalent.

The delicious Cream Teas, provided and raising money for our local hunt, went down a treat and we raised over £500 for the Injured Jockeys Fund from the sale of our Horses In Training book. These are available to purchase, please email Georgina if you would like to order one!

Friday also saw the launch of our 5 to follow competition, more information is available on our website and entries are due by Monday 9th October.

We awoke on Sunday to thunderstorms and the team did a brilliant and thankless task of getting all the horses exercised prior to our Owners Lunch that Afternoon. Charlotte Budd did another excellent job of providing a delicious lunch for everyone and we were fortunate to have a good marquee to provide some shelter. Jeremy had Rex, Lorcan and David Pritchard up to discuss the horses, providing plenty of entertainment.

We have a selection of young horses available for syndication or whole horses, we consider them all to be exciting individuals which we are looking forward to seeing on the track.

I would like to thank all of our kind and generous sponsors of our horses in training book, as well as Brendon Powerwashers for their continued support. Many thanks to Fine Furnishings by Victoria and Pax Designs for braving the weather to showcase their work. A huge thank you to the staff and everyone behind the scenes who had the horses looking a picture and the yards beautifully clean and tidy!

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